Makivik Corporation

Look up, waayyy up, to the pristine area of Canada’s Arctic region in Kuujjuaq, Ungava Bay. There you will find the head office of Makivik Corporation , an Inuit organization formed in 1975 to protect the rights and interests of Nunavik Inuit provided by land claims agreements. Politically, culturally and economically, Makivik has led in the building and development of a vibrant region called Nunavik, where many of Canada’s Inuit have established their own distinct place and identity. The Corporation’s mandate has expanded on many fronts and their business interests are vast . Not only does Makivik hold large quotas in Canada’s shrimp fishery but they also hold special allocations in waters within their land claims area. In 2013 new fisheries were opened specifically in Ungava Bay and the future looks promising for further expansion. NRL is committed to continued development of these resources for the benefit of Nunavik and its stakeholders .

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