Crew Section Online

Hi Guys, We finally have the crew section of our webpage up and running.  We will use this to keep you informed on the progress of the new vessel as well as anything that is happening within the company or with Markets.  We are thinking that we may also start posting tentative landing dates for the current trip so that you can all stay up to date,  keep in mind that these will only be guesses.  If anyone has any ideas on any other ways that we can utilize this section to keep you informed please send me an email by clicking my name below. The crew section of our website will be loosely password protected, basically the entire crew will share one password,  to try and keep the information contained here private for our crew. We know that the password will get around and we will occasionally change it to try and keep people who don’t need to be here out. Hopefully, everyone will find this a useful tool and take advantage of it. Cheers Lee    
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