M.V. Saputi


In 2008 we formed a partnership with another Canadian vessel , M.V. Saputi, owned by Nataaqnaq Fisheries Ltd based in St. John’s NL. Our companies entered into a multi-year marketing arrangement wherein NRL would have exclusive marketing rights for all cooked shrimp produced by the Saputi. The agreement was designed to identify synergies in the market place including the inherent advantages of joint marketing of larger volumes of coldwater shrimp. The partnership has flourished and clearly demonstrates that the cooperative exchange of market and operational information in the shrimp industry benefits all parties.

If you’re looking for great quality Saputi cooked shrimp call us . If you’re looking for other shrimp products or Greenland Halibut contact our Saputi friends at the following link http://www.natfish.ca/index.php/contact-us